About the Project

A new understanding of compound climate extremes

The EU-funded CENÆ project will shed light on how cold spells, heavy rain and strong winds across Europe and North America interact and result in compound extremes with a larger socioeconomic impact than the sum of their individual components. Our work will be articulated along three axes. We will first identify the atmospheric precursors to the compound extremes of interest at multiple spatio-temporal scales, and link this to idealized atmospheric modelling to elucidate the underlying physical drivers. Next, we will leverage our understanding of these precursoes to investigate the predictability of the compound extremes. Finally, we will review the above findings in the context of climate change.


The Team

The CENÆ project revolves around a core research team based in Uppsala University and a network of national and international collaborators.


Gabriele Messori

Project PI
Uppsala University, Sweden


Richard Leeding

Ph. D. Student
Uppsala University, Sweden


Leonardo Olivetti

Ph. D. Student
Uppsala University, Sweden


Michael Schütte

Ph. D. Student
Uppsala University, Sweden


Davide Faranda

CNRS, France

Former Team Members


Jacopo Riboldi

Formely Post-Doctoral Researcher in Uppsala, now SNF-Ambizione Fellow at ETH Zürich